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Wishing is part of of everyone's life. Who has not wished for this thing to happen or wished for that thing to happen. We all have a WISH LIST; what is in your WISH LIST?  It is a natural and a very important part of our lives to have wishes we would like to achieve in our lifetime . My wishes for myself began in earnest as I was reaching adulthood.  My wish was to become the very best in whatever profession I chose in life; and to live a life which had meaning and purpose and be able to help others to become their best. Let's see how my wishes compare to some you may have? #1. I wished, I could bring out the very best I have within me and become the most effective person I can be. #2. I wished I could find the keys to becoming that dynamic person; I have always wanted to be. #3. I wished, to acquire the mental, emotional and psychological toughness to find success in my business life and my personal life. #4. I wished, to acquire that insatiable desire, which would drive me to succeed against all odds. #5. I wished, to find the mental strength to remove any barriers or obstacles standing in my way. #6. I wished, I could overcome my lack of self-confidence and really believe in myself. # 7. I wished, I could gain the self-respect of anyone who ever met me by being worthy and earning that respect #8. I wished, I could stay aggressive and work harder and never give up toward reaching my goals. #9. I wished, I could overcome being shy and self-conscious. #1O. My last wish, was to accomplish all of my wishes above and then write a book about it. 

I did make my wishes come true to all the above and I did write a book. The name of my first book is, "THE ART OF POWER AND CONTROL SELLING” This book was originally written for people in sales , this book is shown on this page.  I rewrote this book some years later. It is titled. "THE ART OF POWER AND CONTROL" without the word 'SELLING' IN THE TITLE' I wanted to include everyone regardless of profession or job; because I believe we are all selling ourselves and our ideas to many people; in many ways, every day of our lives. Within each and every one of us is that person who can be that dynamic self­ assured individual, who has the power and control to accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself. You owe it to yourself and those around you, whether it's family or friends to become the very best you can possibly be. You can become that beacon of light; which lights the way for others to follow. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life; this book "THE ART OF POWER AND CONTROL" could be your guide.