These Books, DVDs and CDS have been written and produced to help you become the most effective, dynamic person you can possibly be in every area of your life. Every person whether you are young or old will find valuable information and helpful advice in the works of Calvin Hill, in some cases it could prove to be life-saving. 

'REFLECTIONS  OF LIFE', examines the questions and perceptions most of us consider most important and profound in our lives. What are are some of these profound questions and perceptions you have about yourself? What is your perception about who you are? What is your perception about What You Are? What is your perception about Why You Are, the Way You Are. Why and How did you turn into the kind of person you are today? Reflections of life, will help you dig deep inside your own psyche and help you understand, what is perception; and what is fact?

​"STAYING FIT AFTER 60" introducing 'THE EXERCISE FOR LIFE PROGRAM '. Calvin Hill is now 85 years old. He began his exercise program as he approached his 60th birthday. He began his exercise program because his physical condition was in a state of deterioration. He also knew if he did nothing to reverse this deterioration, he would get sick, be disabled or die. See the picture of Mr. Hill at age 83 and see what he did to save himself?

​"THE ART OF POWER AND CONTROL" every one of us has wished for something we didn't have. Wishing is a part of every one's life. Who among us can say they have not wished for this thing or that thing; or wished for this to happen or for that to happen? We all have a wish list.  My wish list began many years ago, among my many wishes was to become the very best in my profession in my lifetime and live a life with meaning and purpose. On the "INFO" page for this book you will see a list of 10 of my most important wishes.You will see, my 10th wish, was to accomplish the other nine and write a book about it. I did accomplish the other nine and I did write a book. That book is,  "THE ART OF POWER AND CONTROL"

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